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A Resonant Enigma
I'm a hitchhiker between dimensions.  While we don't have the resources to escape our often stressful and repetitive existence, we can afford to take the occasional vacation.  Between these fantastic worlds exist pathways, most of which don't come without consequences.  My route starts and ends on the ethereal waves of what I like to call "elegant sound."
Music is my drug.  Massive headphones and stereo systems inject me with it day in and day out.  After it journeys down my ear canals and reaches my head, it completely sinks through to all my nerves, veins, bones, and organs.  With the power of harmonies and melodies, I realized that music allows us to stroll down a primrose path (if only for a moment).  There are those moments in a song I'm listening to where the sound hits me in just the right spot. At this stage, the music and I practically become one.  My physical self faces this attempt at possession
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Good Morning
It's nine-o-clock in the morning,
And I wake up to a chorus of police sirens
Accompanied by articulated gunfire.
I open the window to let in the air
That holds the smell of diesel piercing my nostrils
And sinking into the depths of my core.
Noticing a strange glow in the sky
I nearly forget that it is the sun,
Shrouded by smog clouds as if in hiding.
Departing from the bowels of an apartment,
I wander through a labyrinth of buildings.
The tops of skyscrapers are obstructed by haze,
Appearing as divine, heavenly retreats.
While bricks and steel supported these mammoths,
Shacks in the slums seemed as though
They would fall with a simple gaze.
A sizzling cauldron of drug lords, gangsters,
Hopeless immigrants, and prostitutes were not
Afraid to make their presence known.
Businessmen with their suits and suitcases, however,
Did their best to ignore such sights
As they retreated into their high-rise citadels.
Passing by affable fruit vendors without a glance,
I make my way to the city park
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In wild, fresh splendor,
Buds emerge into the world
Embracing the gold sphere.
In verdant ballrooms,
Leaves dance with lady Wind and
Shimmer like diamonds.
Over the low clouds,
A freeze and black darkness lurk
To do Nature's will.
Leaves falling to earth
Are buried by grim blizzards,
Never seen again.
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Grand Island by Miligold Grand Island :iconmiligold:Miligold 4 1 Division by Miligold Division :iconmiligold:Miligold 4 0 Deserted Lighthouse by Miligold Deserted Lighthouse :iconmiligold:Miligold 3 2 An Emperor Tamarin by Miligold An Emperor Tamarin :iconmiligold:Miligold 1 0 Splendor by Miligold Splendor :iconmiligold:Miligold 6 2

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So ... I've been looking back on my journals here recently.  I look at all these emotions and experiences and memories, and I'm just thinking to myself, "dang ... has all this happened in the span of only a few years?"  It's somewhat strange, because I read these and it feels as though I was a completely different person back then than who I am today.  Still, there are parts of me I can recognize that are still a part of me to this day: the introspection, the open-mindedness, and the emotional investment I have in certain things.

It's just absolutely amazing how much I've changed in such a short span of time.  Well, it's essentially short, but it's felt like so long to me because my time in high school has felt like such a huge and lengthy part of my life.  But maybe saying that I have changed isn't the right way of describing it; change, to me, implies a person that completely strays away from their older ways.  I don't really think I have done that.  I'm essentially the same person as I was back in my older journals, but some parts of me have dynamically changed for the better.  Even though I still have years of life left ahead of me (well, I hope that will be the case anyway :) ), I'm impressed with how much I've grown and improved as a whole.

In that case, I'm excited to see where I'll be in the next few years.  Experience truly is one of the best teachers ever.

Now for those who're wondering about my whereabouts:

I'm doing great now!  Well, things aren't always perfect, but at least it's great compared to how I had felt back in my earlier high school years.  I'm wrapping up my Senior year, and will be moving on to a liberal arts college in their classes and residence halls alike.  I think it'll be a very rewarding and great experience through both the pleasures and hardships of that kind of atmosphere.  In addition, I'm just glad I'll be in an academic atmosphere where people are more mature and really care about their classes and education.  Although things at high school for me have definitely improved since the Freshman year, I'm absolutely ready to be out of there.

If you wanna chat with me about how I've been or what I'm up to now (or just chat in general I suppose), feel free to toss me a message.  I love a good conversation, after all, no matter what form it takes. :D

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